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Our History

In the early 1950s, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity became the first Greek organization to develop a youth auxiliary group. Under the direction of Past President, Dr. Parlett L. Moore the Sigma Beta Club was founded. While serving as National Director of Education, Brother Moore was concerned about our changing needs in our communities and recognized the important role that Sigma men could play in the lives of our youth. Sigma Beta Club chapters all across the country have mentored thousands of young men over the past 60 years. Participants learn the importance of serving others and establish lifelong friendships as well as meaningful relationships with caring Mentors.


The Sigma Beta Clubs’ principles of focus emphasize Culture, Athletics, Social and Educational needs of youth. Sigma Beta Club programs are geared to meet the needs of its members (8 – 18 years old), but at the same time provide them with a well-rounded outlook that is needed to cope with today’s society. Gamma Gamma Sigma Chapter has been operating Sigma Beta Clubs for years as we bring our talent and services to the youth of Broward County through various developmental initiatives. We are confident that investing in our youth today will produce effective leaders of tomorrow.

Meetings between our youth and Mentors who are pre-screened, highly-qualified, and concerned professionals (many who are fathers themselves) take place with Sigma Beta Club members on weekends in local libraries/schools and as planned throughout the year. We partner with parents, other youth auxiliaries, non profit/community based organizations to provide great exposure through service learning opportunities and quality experiences for each mentee. From college tours, to etiquette training and leadership development skills offerings, the Broward County Sigmas are cultivating young boys into dynamic young men who are driven towards college, careers and success, much like the positive role models we’re taught to be ourselves.


The Sigma Beta Club motto is “Next generation of leaders accepting the responsibility and loving the challenge.” Our young men are committed to living out its meaning each and every day.

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Bro. Derrell Parker

Sigma Beta Club, Chairman

Fundraising, Chairman

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Gamma Gamma Sigma Chapter

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